The 5 Pinners You Meet In Hell

I like Pinterest. I use Pinterest. Still, I can't help making fun of it from to time, especially because well, it's kind of ridiculous. Of course, it's an amazing place to catalogue your interests and compile links you don't want to lose. But it's also full of WTF-worthy projects and pictures, as well as roll-your-eyes-so-hard perfection that's just not realistic for every (or any?) woman.

While I don't think Pinterest is necessarily killing feminism, I do think the craze for curation is something we should be careful about, even when the pinners we follow are our friends and family. And especially when they're as annoying as these people you likely have on your Pinterest feed.

The Newly-Engaged: Suddenly, the main page on your Pinterest has filled up with ethereal BHLDN dresses faster than you can say Kleinfeld's. That's her; the newly-engaged pinner. From "To Veil Or Not To Veil," to forty different configurations of Mason jars, thank god her wedding day provides an end to the onslaught of photos of succulent bouquets, tables where each food is labeled ("Candy Hearts: So You Can Feel Our Love") and slightly different shades of blue bridesmaids' dresses.

The Thinspo-er: "Think Before You Eat" "You Only Regret The Workouts You Don't Do." "30 Exercises For Killer Abs." You know this pinner means well and just wants to give herself some good workout motivation, but after the sixtieth picture of a fit model's thigh gap, that ish gets a little scary.

The Crafter: This failed Etsy store owner hasn't given up on her creative outlet of gluing shit together in an artful way. While some of the projects she pins actually look really cool, how is it possible that anyone has enough time to make fruit bowls out of old newspapers or party decorations out of coffee filters? Or creepy googly-eyed puppets? Or a purse out of a pair of jean shorts? Or a a reusable birthday banner? Or paper straws? Or a t-shirt quilt?

The Design Snob: Seriously, another kilim throw pillow?! With boards named "Prints Charming," "Future Bedroom" and "Rustic Tables," this is the pinner who works out his or her frustrated interior design goals through obsessively pinning everything from Elle Decor and Apartment Therapy. Please, no more headboard DIYs!

The Faux Hippie: This is the friend who's always pinning stuff like "101 Ways To Use Coconut Oil To Cleanse Your Aura," "How To Make Eco-Chic Reusable Sanitary Pads," and articles about how BPA is killing the bees. But when you go over to her house, she's spraying her counters with plain old Lysol and and microwaving Lean Cuisines.