He's About to Have Serious Beef With Kanye

Oof, Kanye West is not going to be happy about this. Whilst walking the red carpet at the MTV VMAs Sunday night, Usher was caught ogling Kim Kardashian's famous behind. And not just like, "Oh, look at that, Usher is glancing Kim Kardashian's way as she walks by." Like, full-on, craning-his-neck, staring at her booty and loving every g.d. minute of it. I mean, sheesh, Usher. You could have tried to have been a little discreet. We all know Kardashian's butt is an enigmatic work of art, but this is ridiculous, dude!

It's hard to imagine that any man would be super cool with another guy unabashedly staring at his wife's behind in front of millions, but we're dealing with Kanye West here, people. I'm imagining something soon will surface, be it in song-form or otherwise, informing us all about a beef between West and Usher. And it'll be hard not to side with West in this one, as there's photographic proof of Usher burning a hole through Kardashian's behind via his retinas.

Since you probably haven't read or heard enough about the VMAs today, here's one more tidbit for you: a pic of Usher staring at Kardashian's behind. You're welcome. Unless, of course, your name is Kanye. In which case, I'm sorry.