Chad Rogers Wants You To Forget His Bravo Past

The world of high stakes realty is no small gig, especially if you are a reality television realtor. With every sale and every setback meticulously catalogued for the cameras, it's no wonder shows about the art of selling expensive homes go through some cast reshuffling every few seasons. Chad Rogers of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing: LA hasn't been on the show since his original run that ended after Season 3, so what is he up to now that he's ditched the world of TV house hunting?

Well first, let's rewind a little bit. During his tenure on the show, you'll recall Rogers clashed with Josh Flagg, one of Listing's old school agents who is still with the series. A recent #TBT clip posted by Bravo revisited the two stars' fight, in which Rogers refused to call a truce with Flagg. Flagg plays puppy dog in the clip, while Rogers airs his grievances including calling Flagg a shit-stirrer, and alleges Flagg threatened his dog. To be fair, Flagg did stick in a subtle jab at Rogers' mom, which is pretty classic douchey behavior. The whole exchange was like the fight version of a humblebrag, where Flagg was speaking calmly and rationally in tone but was basically saying purposefully incendiary stuff.

So what has Rogers' been up to now that Flagg is far, far away from his life?

Being a "Real Estate Twitter Star"

The Wall Street Journal signaled Rogers out this summer for being a realty industry leader with a strong social following on its list of "Real Estate's Twitter Stars." Rogers was quoted as saying that a healthy Twitter account is "like having your own publicist for free," so he's doing alright for himself without the exposure of his old Bravo gig. And if you were wondering, yes, his dog Starla has her own twitter account as well.

Building A New Bod

The real update on Rogers though is the baby faced realtor's new fit bod that he debuted just over a year ago. While he's still sporting his scrappy black 'do, Rogers definitely looks different than he did on the show. What does he owe his magical Hollywood transformation to? Discipline, including cutting out alcohol and sweets so that he could mold himself into his current chiseled state alongside the help of a trainer.

Selling Homes (And Scrubbing Mentions of MDL From His Online Persona)

The Wall Street Journal piece also cited Rogers' new gig as an agent at Beverly Hills firm Hilton & Hyland, and his own blog is regularly refreshed with new listings and updates. What is missing from his site's biography, however are mentions of Million Dollar Listing. While most former and current reality stars never fail to mention their shows even when it comes to their day jobs, Rogers' About page on his website features nary a mention of his former TV fame. Though he does enjoy linking to tabloid coverage on his blog, and uses Listing as a tag category, Rogers seems to refuse to let the show dictate how people interact with his professional persona, even though his site bio lists other media outlets where his work has been featured.

Learning to Let It Ride

Rogers probably isn't getting into any more spats with his colleagues in the real estate world, as his social platform is filled with odes to letting go and enjoying life without trying to control things around you. In a recent interview with Reality TV Magazine this summer, Rogers says his life has changed for the better since leaving the show.

My perception of life has taken on a different meaning since leaving the show. I used to measure success externally with making a lot of money and being famous. Now success to me is based strictly on internal happiness.

He mentions new friends, a positive outlook on health and fitness, and of course Starla, as the elements that now bring him joy. With an attitude like that, it's no surprise that he's doing alright for himself.