The Most Awkward Jennifer Aniston Interview You'll Ever See

After almost a week in the theaters, We Are the Millers is still holding at 43 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The critics aren't a huge fan of the Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms, Jennifer Aniston flick, but audiences seem to like it well enough — it's raked in $48.7 million at the box office and has a solid 80 percent approval rating among fans. The real story, however, isn't the movie: it's this hilariously awkward interview Jen Aniston had with Chris Stark of the Scott Mills Show on BBC Radio 1. The kid's known for his accidentally on purpose amateurish interview style, and it's really fucking funny.

You may remember Stark from his Mila Kunis sit-down —she was trying to promote Oz: Great and Powerful, he was trying to ask her out on a date. Since Jen would be his second victim, she was either warned beforehand that Stark's style is like a dorky white kid's version of Borat, or she has the patience of an angel, because Aniston handled this with perfection.

You should watch the whole seven minute interview, but if you're busy doing important things, here are the highlights: Jen references the Friends "freebie list" of celebs you're allowed to sleep with, talks about the her "past" as a stripper, and tries to give the struggling reporter a news item about her, and so explains that she's just received soft-boiled egg holders.

It's all gold.

BBC Radio 1 on YouTube