Giuliana Rancic Disses Ryan Seacrest Over & Over Again on Emmys Red Carpet

Everyone makes Ryan Seacrest jokes. I know I've definitely done it, but usually they're in reference to him controlling the Kardashians's lives, so really, I think they could be considered compliments. But one person who maybe shouldn't be making quite as many Seacrest jokes is Giuliana Rancic who hosted E!'s Live from the Red Carpet Emmy's coverage. Giuliana Rancic loves making fun of Ryan Seacrest to the point where it actually got pretty awkward. Like, what did he do to you, girl? Besides probably get you your job? Don't you know he runs the entertainment industry, Giuliana?! Come on!

Rancic's disses kept coming throughout the two-hour red carpet show. Here's a roundup of Rancic's insult so you can see just how much she hates (or pretends to hate) Seacrest:

With Ricky Gervais

Gervias: Is he here? He's having a full over body wax, isn't he? And a tan before he comes in. He's all smooth and slithery, like an eel.

Rancic: He called me in last minute. I was in bed.

OK, so that was more Gervais, but if I'm not mistaken, she was the one to bring Seacrest up in the first place, no doubt because she knew Gervais would do her dirty work for her.

With Jimmy Fallon

Fallon: "Ryan, I'm usually up here with Ryan."

Rancic: "He called in sick. I dunno. His spray tan went wrong."

Fallon: I put together a clip, if you don't mind. Some of my favorite highlights of Ryan. [Shows photos of Seacrest's highlighted hair.]

Rancic: Some of those weren't even blonde, they were like white. Like frosted ... You know I once walked by his dressing room while he was getting highlights. He was wearing the cap, where they pluck the hair out.

A spray tan joke AND a highlights joke. Well done.

With Taylor Schilling

Rancic pulls out a pair of fake eyelashes from her clutch and says that they must be Seacrest's. This was conveniently set up by the "Clutch Cam", of course.

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