Would You Try the Flip Manicure?

I am super lazy about nail care. Mine are almost always left unpolished and I only think about them once a month when I cut them really short so I can effectively ignore them for another three weeks. It's not often that a nail trend catches my eye, but I just can't seem to turn away from the flip manicure, a new style that entails painting the back of your nails. The look is pretty bizarre but hey, at least its interesting!

The concept is simple — you embellish the underside of your nails the same way you would the front with polish, glitter, and jeweled accents. Voilá! You have a flip manicure. Apparently this is "in" although I'm not sure with whom. Aside from Adele at the 2012 Grammys, I haven't seen this trend IRL. Who's wearing it now, though? Celebrities? Beauty queens? Trophy wives with so much time on their hands that they want their nail appointments to last twice as long? Unemployed college graduates with similar reasoning? Whatever the case, the flip manicure is trendy now (I guess).

Kahlna Barfield, beauty director for InStyle magazine, told the Daily Mail "It's kind of like a peekaboo. It's unexpected. The long, almond-shaped nails are really big right now, so they allow enough real estate for you to embellish underneath your nail. Mail claims that in addition to Adele, Beyoncé and Ciara have also given this look a try. Do you have to only have one name to rock it, maybe? Color me very confused. What I do have is some Insta footage of the flip manicure, so we know somebody out there is sporting it.

So, dear reader — yay or nay on the flip manicure trend? I'm not running out to get one myself, but its definitely more interesting than the gel manicures everyone's been getting since they were fifteen.

Images: hannahbronfman, the_naja/Instagram