Howard Stern's Ice Bucket Challenge Puts Every Other Celeb's to Shame — VIDEO

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenges went from cute to kind of annoying and now, what with big-name celebs like Jennifer Aniston taking them on and people getting uber-creative in an effort to one-up each other, they're back to being... entertaining at the very least. The latest celebrity to dump water on their head in the name of Lou Gehrig's Disease? Howard Stern (who, coincidentally, was nominated by Jennifer Aniston). Stern's take on the Ice Bucket Challenge is pretty fantastic. See, he doesn't really take on the challenge as much as he drops a single ice cube on his head, but his reaction to the "freezing cold water" is pretty priceless. Also, one of the people he nominated was Casey Kasem, so there's that.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this very well could be my favorite Ice Bucket Challenge so far. Stern clearly is poking fun at the bajillion people who have done it recently, but I have no doubt that, in addition to sort of making a joke of it, he'll make a sizable donation. 'Cause that's how the dude rolls.

Even if you're over the Ice Bucket Challenges — in fact, especially if you're over the Ice Bucket Challenges — you need to see Howard Stern's awesome video. It's super quick and it'll make your day. Or at least it will, you know, make you chuckle.