Using James Foley's Execution In Your Campaign Ad? Worst Move Ever, Allen Weh

If only for a few seconds, GOP nominee Allen Weh used an image of the ISIS killer who executed James Foley in Weh's campaign ad released on Monday. The image, which cut out Foley, was spliced among non-specific conflict in the Middle East and footage of President Obama playing golf and laughing.

Weh is running for New Mexico's senate seat against incumbent Tom Udall, and he almost certainly has no chance of winning. I don't know who thought this cheap hail Mary was acceptable, but I hope that this ad won't be successful in winning one. Single. Vote. It was a really raw shot to use the masked ISIS killer in the ad, particularly when many people have gone through great lengths to avoid engaging with the footage altogether.

Not to mention, it continues to wear out the Republicans' bitch du jour: because the president leaves the White House we get to blame him for EVERY SINGLE THING.

After the ad established that Obama is most definitely playing golf with high-ranking members of ISIS, it moved onto his onto his opponent, who was insulted by association. Or at least by virtue of not being horribly appalled.

"I know as far as I feel, this diplomatic path we're on right now is a good one," Udall said in the clip.

And that quote was what Weh's campaign used to turn the half-assed explanation of why they chose to use the masked executioner in a campaign ad for New Mexico senator. But, any hope that tactic would work was dashed when you realize there really is no good explanation. At all. Weh's campaign manager Diego Espinoza told Politico's Morning Score:

Out of respect for the Foley family, no picture of James Foley was used. Tom Udall’s feigned outrage over the inclusion of a now familiar image of this Jihadi terrorist, who is clearly the face of the evil that threatens our nation. Senator Udall’s comments about our diplomacy being ‘good’ reflect his naiveté and inexperience in matters of national security.

Huh. Well. You know what you also could have done out of respect for Foley's family? Not use the the photo of the guy that executed their son. Just because you cropped him out doesn't mean that they wouldn't, you know, still make that link.

Next, time, dear Allen, we're going to say that insensitive use of a recent visceral tragedy for the purpose of fear mongering isn't the WEH to go.

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Images: Allen Weh/Facebook, Allen Weh/Youtube