The Emmy Ratings Are In!

Big news for the Emmys: Even a confusing switch to Monday night, the Emmys did not suffer as far as audience numbers went last night. According to early numbers, the Emmy Awards ratings were the second best in eight years, though slightly lower than last years Emmys, which were hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Not bad! And a small dip after a move to Mondays after the awards show has generally always been on a Sunday is to be expected, so, overall, it doesn't seem like the move really hurt the show at all.

Of course, these are only the early numbers, so it's possible that they could still be adjusted up or down depending on what later stats reveal. However, as of now, the audience definitely isn't disappointing: A reported 15.6 million viewers tuned in to watch Seth Meyers hosting the show for NBC, which translates to a 10.9 rating with the Nielsen system. For some perspective, that's the second-best Emmy audience since 2006. The only one it didn't beat was last years Neil Patrick Harris-hosted show, which pulled in 17.6 million viewers. But, considering that's only a 2 million viewer loss, it's definitely not too bad.

Whether or not this means the Emmys will take place on a Monday night in August again next year remains to be seen.