'Full House' Might Be Coming Back, For Real

Brace yourselves, for something that could take over your Facebook feeds is coming: Full House might be coming back. This is a very real blessing. This might actually happen. What on Earth should we make of this?

Thanks to the ratings success of Full House' Nick At Nite reruns and the precedent set by Boy Meets World sequel/spinoff Girl Meets World, TV Guide is reporting that Warner Bros. "is mulling a new take on Full House, with some of the original cast intact." Oh my god.

It's also important to note that John Stamos is "leading the charge" on this one thanks to his ownership stake and, as

A.V. Club's Sean O'Neal put it, "lots and lots of vests he just never got the chance to wear."

So what exactly would this Full House revival entail? There are so many people in the extended ragtag Tanner family that the options could be endless. What route will Warner Bros. take in its blatant attempts to take on some of Girl Meets World's nostalgia-mining? There are a lot of factors that go into this decision: What will have the biggest impact, emotionally and nostalgically? What would actually produce the most story in the long-run? And, perhaps most pressingly, which actors are in a place in their career right now where they'd actually say yes to revisiting a project that ended almost twenty years ago? We can definitely count the Olsen twins out. Here are a few options:

Catching up with Danny Tanner

One option could be a show once again centered around Bob Saget's Danny Tanner. He's probably remarried by now, so how's that going for him? Did he have more kids? Or are he and his wife just living alone now in that huge San Francisco house? How often does Danny Tanner stress-clean it from floor to ceiling? And would Bob Saget be down for once again being tethered to the most wholesome of wholesome sitcoms?

Something with Stephanie

Jodie Sweetin's 32 now, so there are a few good options for Stephanie "How Rude" Tanner's adult life. Is she a kick-ass career woman? Emotionally crippled due to middle-child syndrom? Settling down and starting a family, which sadly seems like one of the leading options for a Full House revival?

Uncle Jess & Rebecca: The Middle-Aged Years

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If Stamos is looking to star in this revival, he may well choose to involve the rest of his former TV family. Nicki and Alex would be around 22-23 at this point, so maybe they're struggling with empty nest syndrome? Maybe they had other kids? How big of a rockstar is Jesse at this point? I'm just sayin', this one seems like one the networks would drool over. Plus it'd mean the reunion of Stamos and Lori Loughlin.

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kimmy Gibler and her weird life

If they're looking to go outlandish or surreal, go Gibler. Or surprise everyone by giving her an incredibly normal, healthy adult life. But that'd be boring. Maybe she married Joey Gladstone! That'd be a creepy twist!

Joey Gladstone doing...something

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Joey didn't really end up with anyone at the end of Full House, but I've gotta believe Dave Coulier would love another whack at this show.

DJ Tanner & her family

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I don't know why, but this and the Stamos/Loughlin one seem like the most likely options to me. Candace Cameron Bure has been making an obvious play to be noticed on television again, and DJ could be a similar neurotic family rock to the one Danny was throughout the first series.

And yet I still don't know what to make of any of this.

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