In Other News: Swamp Rats, Snow Fall, And Cockfighting

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So, a Chinese zoo actually tried to pass a dog off as a lion. The ruse was blown when the "lion" started to animatedly bark.

A Romanian princess has been arrested under suspicion of running a massive cockfighting ring.

Ever since Sheryl Sandberg's nonprofit, Lean In, tried to hire an unpaid intern, the Internet has been ablaze with criticism. The company has now announced it will start running a formal, paid internship program.

Lee Daniels' The Butler — ridiculously named as such because of a copyright lawsuit — is meant to be based on a true story. Well... sort of. Here's a "The Butler: True Or False?" guide.

Here we go again: Anthony Weiner had a "personal relationship" — wink wink, nudge nudge — with one of his junior aides, it emerges. It was before he was married, not that marriage seems to have exactly cleaned up Weiner's ways.

There now exists a robot that will go into your brain and fight your blood clots.

When the New York Times launched its multimedia-heavy Snow Fall feature, it was heralded as ushering in the "new age" of journalism. Nuh-uh, says Slate — that kind of material is actually not good for journalism at all.

You think your city's rodents are bad? Well, thanks to climate change, there's this southern "swamp rat" animal that appears to be making its way to a sewer near you. The creature can weigh up to 22 pounds:

Here it is!

Because it's Friday, here's a baby panda meeting its mom for the first time:


Want to never oversleep again? Here's a comic showing you exactly how...

Office Tip Of The Day: Don't order a marijuana pick-up at your workplace. ON TWITTER.

Here's some wince-inducing news: It's becoming more common for woman to give birth to oversized babies.

Do you believe in people being either right- or left-brained? Well, hopefully you don't, because this is officially not, and has never been, a thing.

By the end of the year, there will be more mobile devices than people on this planet.

And here's a map revealing the racial diversity of every inch of America.

(Image: Gustavo Durán/Wikimedia Commons)