'Girlfriend Intervention' Star Tanisha Thomas Has Come A Long Way Since 'Bad Girls Club'

Every makeover show needs an expert to rebuild the interior spirit of the person they just made look a whole lot better. For Lifetime's newest makeover series Girlfriend Intervention , that person is Tanisha Thomas. While Tanisha helps women find their inner peace and build their self-confidence, she was very far from the zen you'll see on Girlfriend Intervention when she appeared on the show that started her foray into reality TV, Bad Girls Club. "I did Bad Girls Club eight years ago, and if I haven't grown since then, something would be terribly wrong with me," Tanisha says during a conference call with reporters. "So kudos to me for growing."

Tanisha turned 21 years old when she starred on the second season of Bad Girls Club, and her immaturity at that time was definitely apparent. Comparing her demeanor on that show to how she acts on Girlfriend Intervention, Tanisha truly does seem like a different person. On Bad Girls Club, she picked (sometimes physical) fights with her housemates, infamously screamed and banged on pans to keep them awake, and taught us all the phrase "Pop off." Basically, she was everything you would want in a Bad Girls Club cast member.

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Watching how Tanisha behaved on Bad Girls Club, it's all pretty cringeworthy. But of course, who doesn't regret some of the things they did when they were younger? "I have grown so much. I know who I am," Tanisha says. "I love who I am now."

Bad Girls Club launched Tanisha's career, as these things tend to do. Since then, she has starred in a ton of reality shows, including Celebrity Fit Club, Tanisha Gets Married, and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. She also hosts the dating competition Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too and Bad Girls Club: Afterparty on Oxygen. Offscreen, Tanisha is in the midst of launching a "plus size movement" called Plush.

Tanisha says all of the experiences she's had, be they good or bad, have prepared her to take on the challenge of transforming women on Girlfriend Intervention. "I dealt with so much in my life that being the soul expert on this show, I couldn't think of a more fitting person to be in my position, because I have the experience. I know what it's like to be knocked down and to hit rock bottom," she says. "I'm there to build these women up. I use everything that life has thrown at me, and I apply it in every single situation.

And who better to help women grow, evolve, and come into their own than someone who has gone through the exact same thing before? "Will you see the old Tanisha? Probably not. Will you see the new and improved and amazing Tanisha? Absolutely," she says. "You're going to love this one even more."

Image: Richard Knapp/Lifetime