Homer Simpson's Ice Bucket Challenge Features 'Frozen's Olaf (But If You Blinked, You Missed It) — VIDEO

It seems like everyone is doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge lately, and why not? The charitable trend — in which people pledge to pour a bucket of ice water on their heads or donate money to ALS — has already raised a whopping $88.8 million dollars for the cause. And it's not just celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Matt Damon who are rising to the challenge, which typically involves both donating money and pouring ice water on one's head — now even fictional characters are getting in on the action. Bustle already imagined how the Disney Princesses would look taking the ice bucket challenge, and now Fox has doused one of their own iconic cartoon characters with very chilly water. Don't call him a slacker — Homer Simpson has officially done the ice bucket challenge!

Of course, this Simpson's character wouldn't be himself if he didn't try to take the absolute easiest way out of the ice bucket challenge. In the video, which Fox released Wednesday on YouTube, Homer is seen tossing a not-so-large glass of water on his face in compliance with the ice bucket challenge, clearly ignoring the "bucket" part of the viral fundraiser. But don't worry — his son Bart is there to make sure that Homer makes the most out of his charitable act, which is why he uses a helicopter to douse his father in all things icy. Check it out below.

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One of those "icy" things that you may have missed when they were falling on top of Homer? It seems that the folks over at The Simpson's inserted one of our favorite Frozen characters into the mix. Did you spot Olaf in the scene? If not, here's the still below.

It's nice to see even fictional characters partaking in the challenge — now let's hope that the folks with actual money continue to donate.

Images: Fox