A Giant Group of Celebs Got Together for Chelsea Handler’s Final Show, But Did They Get Along? — VIDEO

As we all said so long to our favorite funny lady of the night — which actually sounds more like a description for an eccentric Victorian lady of questionable morals come to think of it — Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler made sure her final show went out with a bang. It was full of celebrity cameos, nasty jokes, and songs. In fact, I think it could've gotten higher ratings than the VMAs if she just would have had a dancing baby Blue Ivy. Handler brought her serious celeb A-game with her faux-intervention from friends like Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Anniston, and a truthfully touching "We Are the World" type of sing-along that brought friends and enemies together in a mish-mashed choir of celebrities. I know what you're thinking, and no, I did not find Waldo. I did spot Tim Allen though!

But the star-studded chorus did include the likes of Gerard Butler, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, Melissa McCarthy, Dave Grohl, Tyga, and Anna Faris. I’m a practical person, but was anyone else surprised to see so many celebrities cozying up together? Sure, to a certain degree they’re all in the same fame industry but never in my wildest dreams would I think I'd write a sentence that included 50 Cent and Dave Grohl or Selena Gomez with Gerard Butler. But hey, at least it all came together.

So what was rehearsal like? It's hard enough to bring a group of celebrities together to reboot a series — cough, cough Arrested Development — so how the heck did they do this? Was it easier because everyone was already in town for the VMAs and the Emmys or was it just pure Chelsea Handler love that did it? I don't know but I'd love to imagine what it was like to be there when they were practicing. Oh wait. I can. Thanks, Instagram!

Here's how I imagine things went down:

Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens had a sweet reunion, thankful that they could work together while wearing something other than swimwear. They giggled about that time they went down for Spring Break together and how things just got crazy. Of course, these Disney vets stuck close together to avoid a certain tongue-wielding Bangerz singer, because did we really think that that old feud was over and done with?

I mean, Miley Cyrus did sing "FU" to a cardboard cutout of Gomez during her Bangerz tour. She also grinded with a large banana on stage, so maybe she thought what happened on stage stayed there? Well, the "Wrecking Ball" singer didn't say anything because as Mean Girls has taught us, that's how it's done in girl world. Instead, she hung out with Kelly Osbourne, shared some kisses, took some selfies, and probably used the Fashion Police correspondent's knowledge to make fun of Selena's shirt.

And made faces at Wiz Khalifa.

Meanwhile, Gerard Butler, standing near the tiny Canadian that is Avril Lavigne, picked her up, physically not in the bar scene sense, if only to show off to the likes of Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, and Melissa McCarthy. Hopefully, they were too busy discussing a possible female-ensemble comedy starring, well, all of them and probably Dave Grohl since he was there and who wouldn't want in on this movie?

Tim Allen's presence was my favorite actually. He hung out with Melissa McCarthy and Allison Janney, looking like big dorks or probably trying to start a rap battle with T-Raww. God, I hope they did.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent was the bell of the ball, grabbing selfies with everyone from Aniston to Fergie. I think everyone wanted to thank him for bringing them "Candy Shop," which everyone obviously still listens to when they go to their soul cycle classes.

I admit that it's all speculation, but when you bring a whole ginormous group of celebrities together like this, of course I'm going to imagine drama all around. At least, it's all thanks to celebrating one special lady. Nothin' but love, Miss Chelsea Handler. Late night will miss you.

Images: Wiz Khalifa, Kelly Osbourne, 50 Cent, Selena Gomez/Instagram