Time To Get On The Shiny Tattoo Train

by May Sofi

Temporary tattoos sure do bring me back. As a kid I remember the craze over those peel and stick-on illustrations that came in everything from Disney princesses to butterflies and hearts. You were the coolest kid on the block if you rocked a peace sign on your arm back in the '90s. Being a thing of the past, never did I imagine that temporary ink would be back in fashion in such a big way. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered Flash Tattoos, the little girl inside me jumped for joy!

Before you conclude that temporary tattoos are silly and just for kids, scroll down and revel in the beauty of the flash tat. The metallic, jewelry-inspired designs are having a major moment and are definitely the grown-up version of their old-school counterparts. Quickly rising on the popularity scale, even celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio and Vanessa Hudgens are jumping on this trend’s bandwagon proving it's here to stay.

The brilliant body art comes in 11 mini collections with over 50 interrelated designs to satiate any mood you may be in at any given time. Pretty rad right? Here are some of the swankiest styles to get you inspired.

Sheebani, the intricate tribal-inspired collection will literally make it look like you’re wearing jewelry.

Child of Wild is for the edgier cool chick, interlacing black with metallic gold and silver in Egyptian-like designs. How awesome is this big winged Cleopatra?!

Josephine has tiny, detailed designs that you can even wear on your fingers if you don’t want to be shiny all over.

And finally some celebrity inspo!

Ready to get tatted up yet?

images: Alessandra Ambrosio/instagram; Flash Tattoos/instagram; (10)