Barbie Is The Coolest Chick On Instagram

Remember that moment when your mom joined Instagram and you knew that the app had officially taken a turn? You didn't know if it's growing popularity was a good sign or a bad sign, but it definitely meant something. I'm having that kind of moment again today, but this time in the best way possible. In maybe my favorite example ever of a brand/product using social media, Barbie officially has her own Instagram account. And it. Is. Awesome.

File this under things you never expected to be obsessed with, but will now completely and totally love/tell all your friends about. Along with Pinterest and Birkenstocks, Barbie's Instagram is now on my list. The photos are meant to document Barbie's trip to fashion weeks across the globe (obviously) in the next month, and feature the 55-year-old doll in street-style poses, showing off her favorite wardrobe pieces and accessories. It's basically like a parody account of every fashion blog you've ever read, except with Barbie as the star.

Carefully arranged aerial shots of the newspaper, her lipstick, and Chanel-looking purse will remind you of a thousand fashion girl Instagram shots you've seen before (or posted yourself), and you will probably not be able to help yourself from smiling. Even Barbie stages her Instagram shots, guys.

Join Barbie as she casually sits on her couch with her designer heels, reading her iPad. Check out her favorite statement necklaces, cross-body bags, and stacks of bracelets. Read her witty, stylish captions and envy her wide-ranging, yet extremely tiny wardrobe.

The caption for the photo above reads "LA street style, there's no better place to be snapped than out in front to The Ivy." Yup, Barbie is cooler than you and I, lack of real knee caps and all. Somehow I'm still ok with that; that's how much I love this.

I'm not sure if my obsession with this campaign is just that it's flat-out brilliant (honestly, you go, Mattel), or the fact that it's basically posts of very tiny versions of my favorite things. There's a reason teacup pigs got so popular, guys. Tiny versions of bigger things are 100 times better. Always. Except in the case of burritos.

So if you're interested in seeing America's favorite blonde at New York Fashion Week in the coming weeks or keeping up with her travels as she heads to shows in Paris and London, be sure to follow Barbie on Instagram. Even if Barbie wasn't your favorite thing as a kid, these shots will still make you smile. And given that these days Instagram is half shameless self-promotion and half someone trying to sell you something, it's refreshing to see a campaign that is just plain fun. Plus, face it, Barbie's wardrobe is on point. I know you're impressed too.

Images: Instagram/@barbiestyle (3)