Jessica Alba's Eco-Friendly Company Is Killing It in the Business Game & It's Only Gonna Get Bigger

Big news for Jessica Alba's eco-friendly company, The Honest Company: According to Business Insider, Jessica Alba's The Honest Company just pulled in $70 million from investors ahead of its bid to go public, and that's on top of the $52 million it had in funding before. That means the company is worth about $1 billion at this point, and on track to keep on growing — not bad is an understatement.

If you've never heard of Alba's company, which she co-founded along with founder Brian Lee (who is the current CEO) and former Healthy Child Healthy World CEO Christopher Gavigan (the current CPO), The Honest Co. specializes in shipping packages of eco-friendly, toxic-free items like diapers, cleaning supplies, and the like to customers, and also sells some products at stores like Whole Foods and Costco. Though it's only been around since 2011, the start-up has grown at a monster speed, thanks to its mission statement and, of course, Alba's star power.

The company is now reportedly eyeing IPO options, which is a huge deal.

It's always great to see female celebrities who are not only successful in one facet of their career, but also managing to take on the generally male-dominated business world as well. Alba is a perfect example of this, as is Jessica Simpson — her fashion empire, The Jessica Simpson Collection, seems to have a place in every major retailer out there, and as of 2010, it was a $1 billion business. When ladies kill it in the business game, you know they do it big.

You can check out The Honest Co. here.