Inspirational Dorm Room Wall Art: These 12 Prints Will Have You Rooting for Yourself Every Day

I'm an admirer of graphics and fonts, of art that is also words, and of anything that encourages me to calm down and keep in the moment. Put all those things together and, well, I've just ordered something else online, because these little posters with a message are pretty and practical. They're also perfect for a dorm room accent — on the wall by your bed, over your makeup mirror, or just inside the door so that it's the last thing you see before heading out to face the day and, you know, other people.

So after you've stocked up on school supplies, scroll through these artsy and inspirational prints to see what speaks to you. And take a moment each day to prop up the number one person in your life — you.

"Just Be You" Print

It is, after all, what you’re best at. Display it in basic black and white.

Just be you, $15,

"Wake Up and be Awesome" Sign

Every morning is another opportunity to start fresh.

Wake up and be awesome, $22,

"There Is Always a Reason to be Thankful" printable

A rustic-chic reminder to add to that gratitude list.

There is always a reason to be thankful, $6,

"Today I Will Choose Joy" Wood Sign

Sometimes it’s as simple as looking around and choosing to focus on the positive. These sweet blue flowers make it even easier.

Today I will choose joy, $45,

"Work Hard and Be Nice to People" Print

Do your thing, yes, but never at the expense of others. Pay it forward, and enjoy this cute mix of fonts while you’re at it.

Work hard and be nice to people, $25,

"Love More, Worry Less" Print

One makes the world go ‘round, the other isn’t fun at all. Choice, anyone?

Love more, worry less, $15,

"Be Weird" Wood Sign

Who doesn’t feel weird sometimes? Embrace it in yourself and others, I say.

Be weird, $15,

"Keep Calm and Eat Candy" Wood Print

Choose your simple pleasure and indulge. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have chocolate for dinner now and then.

Keep calm and eat candy, $29.95,

"The Best Routes Are the Ones You Haven't Ridden" Wood Sign

An updated variation on Eleanor Roosevelt’s “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

The best routes are the ones you haven’t ridden, $45,

"Shine On" Canvas

This little light of mine. That little light of yours, and yours, and…

Shine on, $35,

"Be Silly, Be Happy, Be Kind" Wood Print

Given this trifecta, even the font looks happy.

Be silly, be happy, be kind, $14,

"Well Why the Hell Not" Print

Hey, you… yes, you — why the hell not?? (Asked in dainty gold script.)

Well why the hell not, $10,