'Harry Potter's Matthew Lewis Gives Us an Ice Bucket Challenge We'll Never Forget — VIDEO

Harry Potter fans, you're in for a real treat. Matthew Lewis, AKA Neville Longbottom, just took the Ice Bucket Challenge and hello! Dude does not look like the semi-awkward-looking kid you remember from the movies. If you're a hard-core Potter fan — or Matthew Lewis fan — you know that the actor hasn't looked like he did in the movies for quite some time now. He's all growed up and looking fine. But. Did you know that, as a service to his fans, he took the Ice Bucket Challenge... shirtless? Oh, you didn't? Well, then you're in luck! I've got a special something coming your way, friend. Hey, don't mention it.

Is Lewis' Ice Bucket Challenge amazing? Not really. Is it super creative? Eh, that'd be a no. Is it going to change lives? Doubtful. But, like I said, he's shirtless (and, oddly, in a small pool of some sort — you'll see), and, really, sometimes that's all you need in life. Wanna see the not-so-little Neville Longbottom get a rather large, freezing cold bucket of ice water dumped on him? Of course you do! (Trust me, you do.)

And the (almost) best part? He nominated Tom Felton. Sooo... see you soon, Draco?

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