Coolest Cooler Kickstarter Rakes In $10 Million, Because It's Way Cooler Than Potato Salad

I don't know if this is the coolest Kickstarter ever, but it's definitely record-breaking: Coolest Cooler is now the most-funded Kickstarter in crowdfunding history, beating out the smartwatch Pebble and the infamous potato salad. The so-called "portable party" gadget has raised more than $10.3 million — and it still has until Friday to rake in some more millions. Coolest Cooler already has more than 50,000 backers, so finding a few more certainly won't be a problem.

How did an ordinary cooler kick a glitzy smartwatch off its Kickstarter pedestal? Well, this cooler is anything but ordinary. Coolest Cooler packages itself as the life of the party: The 60-quart cooler only keeps your beers and soda cold, but also comes equipped with bluetooth speakers, a USB charger, reusable plates, an internal divider that doubles as a cutting board, and even a built-in ice-crushing blender, so you're not just stuck with PBR at your next tailgate.

From Coolest Cooler founder Ryan Grepper:

I’m always looking to maximize my fun when I get together with my family and friends. That’s why I am so passionate about the COOLEST. I invent lots of things, but other than my Jello-shot catapult very few have brought so much fun to my life. ;)

I know firsthand how much fun it is to have a cooler with speakers, and a portable blender for beachside margaritas, because I built myself one of each around ten years ago. Last year I reexamined these well-loved creations and realized just how much room for improvement there was.

Oh, and did we mention the Coolest Cooler also has a built-in bottle opener?

Grepper initiall set out to raise just $50,000 on Kickstarter, so he's well over his targeted goal. "I feel so overjoyed that so many people have connected with it," he told CBS' This Morning in July, adding that the Coolest Cooler has always been his "dream product."

The self-described life-long inventor said he came up with the concept about nine or 10 years ago, and went to work building his dream product in his garage. "It was simply just to entertain my friends, and we had a great time," Grepper said.

While the Coolest Cooler definitely sounds, well, cool — mostly the built-in blender aspect — it isn't necessarily the most innovative product to hit the market. After all, there are already coolers out there with built-in speakers — just take a walk down the outdoor-equipment aisle next time you're at Target.

However, the Coolest Cooler does feature some noteworthy innovations, such as the bluetooth technology and, of course, the sheer brilliance of the portable blender. And although this sounds like a product you would find in Brookstone for $750, the Coolest Cooler is modestly priced. According to the Kickstarter page, individuals who pledge $185 will receive the chill party companion.

Images: Coolest Cooler/Kickstarter (4)