21 People Amanda Bynes Has Called Ugly

Amanda Bynes has been giving us the Twitter version of the Regina-esque Burn Book, and it's full of familiar names. The list of people Bynes thinks are unfortunate-looking continues to grow, as does our suspicion that ugly doesn't mean what she thinks it means. Here's a look at some people gettin' shade from Ms. Bynes. [Image: Getty Images]

Barack and Michelle Obama

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The Obamas are definitely the most attractive Presidential couple since the Kennedys, and Obama is one of only nine people Bynes follows on Twitter. So what was Bynes thinking when she wrote “Barack Obama and Michelle Obama Are Ugly!”? Besides, who could ever diss Michelle’s arms? This entire tweet should be considered a national offense. [Image: Getty Images]

Drake's Mom

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Yup, Amanda has resorted to the “your momma” level of insult, and here I was thinking we’d left that back in high school! Also, look at the picture. Drake’s mom is so cute it kind of hurts that she isn’t my mom. Look at her little dress and her big hair — this woman isn’t ugly, she’s sickeningly adorable. Too far, Amanda, too far. [Image: Getty Images]

Zac Efron

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Oh Amanda, attitudes are at least split on Drake’s looks, but Efron? Even if he looks a little boy band-y, who could refuse those abs? That hair swoop? The former actress deleted her ugly accusation quickly but the damage was done — Efron was already on the roof of his beautiful mansion, threating tearfully to throw himself off because life isn’t worth living if Amanda Bynes doesn’t think he’s pretty. Nah, just kidding, he’ll probably keep being beautiful and not caring at all about what Bynes thinks. That’s what I would do if I were Efron. [Image: Getty Images]


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It’s one thing to diss your dad — hello, daddy issues! — but to say your own sister is ugly and post pictures to prove it? Weirdly, the amusing nature of Bynes’ drama takes a very sad turn here, because, as the picture shows, Amanda and Jillian did have happier times. [Image: Getty Images]


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Poor Drake, he must be so confused. First Amanda wanted him to “murder her vagina,” then she told him he was ugly, then told him he was ugly but she’s still sorry she said that but he knows he’s ugly because she talked to him. What? Drake might be a lot of things, like Canadian, jewish, not as gangster as he thinks he is, but ugly just doesn’t seem to be one of them. [Image: Getty Images]


Amanda got pissed at Ru for calling her out on a homophobic slur she used, resulting in her calling him as ugly as her dad, which might just be the saddest insult ever. Obviously, being mindful of derogatory language makes you ugly, so pretty much everyone I know should go cover all their mirrors and buy a balaclava. Sorry guys, life is rough when Amanda Bynes makes the rules. [Image: Getty Images]

Her Dad

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Clearly, daddy issues are very much at play here, because Bynes has tweeted more than once about how ugly her dad is, despite the obvious fact that half her genes come from him. Bynes also grouped her dad and RuPaul together, saying they were equally ugly and that she was so glad her nose job made her look nothing like them. Girl, I’d KILL to look as ugly as RuPaul, and your dad isn’t too shabby either. [Image: Getty Images]

Perez Hilton

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Who could hate this face? Oh wait, loads of celebrities, including Bynes. She instructed the blogger to kill himself, and is enthusiastic in calling him ugly every time he posts an article about her, which is silly because then he HAS to post an article about how crazy she is, when then forces her to call him ugly. I sense a vicious cycle at play here, people. Good thing Amanda ended up making nice, saying she only called him names because he was writing mean articles about her. Newsflash Amanda: THAT IS LITERALLY HIS JOB. [Image: Getty Images]


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This one was awkward. Bynes manage to one-two punch this Twitter feud by being both racist AND dismissive of domestic abuse: Chris Brown clearly hit Rihanna because she wasn’t pretty enough, it wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with anger issues or a God complex. However. Bynes then apologized, calling RiRi beautiful and saying she wanted to be her friend. Best of luck, Amanda — something tells me Rihanna might not be so down. [Image: Getty Images]

Kid Cudi

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Bynes posted an extra-long tweet in which she dissed Complex Magazine for being “dick-whipped” by her “ugly duckling” ex. She then claimed she had been hacked, and that she obvs loves Cudi — they dated once. Right, because we all know how much we loooove our ex-boyfriends. Especially the ones whose “looks and talent are questionable.” [Image: Getty Images]

Miley Cyrus

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Bynes tweeted a short but elegant attack on Cyrus, saying “ur ugly.” Miley has yet to respond, but I’m personally hoping this results in a cagefight where instead of gloves they wear masks of each other’s faces on their hands. That would be awesome. [Image: Getty Images]

Jenny McCarthy

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This one is complicated: McCarthy mistakenly tweeted that cops had gone to Bynes’ apartment, at which point Bynes took the high road by asking why Jenny even dared speak her name and then telling her she looked like she was 80 years old. I seriously pray I look like Jenny McCarthy at 80. McCarthy responded apologizing for the mistake and the status of this feud is now resolved. [Image: Getty Images]

Courtney Love

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Your classic pot and kettle scenario: Love told Bynes to “pull it together,” because ya know, she’s been so good at that in the past. Bynes got pissed, tweeting that Love was the ugliest woman ever (no hyperbole there) and that she and her friends laughed about Love even mentioning her. At least she has friends? [Image: Getty Images]

Lance Bass

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Here is a bit of helpful advice: If you are a celebrity, stop talking about Bynes immediately, because she might very well pull the “but you MADE me do this!” card on you and call you ugly, talentless, and careerless. Lance, we hate to say it, but you kind of had it coming. [Image: Getty Images]


Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Amanda tweeted “ugly face” with a picture of Jay-Z, although she deleted it shortly thereafter. Jay-Z was potentially really upset for a second, but then he probably climbed into a swimming pool full of money with his beautiful wife Beyoncé and never thought about it again. [Image: Getty Images]

Chrissy Teigen

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Teigen condemned the public’s support of Bynes’ erratic behavior, only to be told she looked 45 and that men who wanted Bynes would never want her. Uh…. duh. Also, if Teigen looks 45, I’m 83 and Jennifer Lawrence is 62. No AmanDUHHH, no. [Image: Getty Images]

Jason Biggs

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Apparently, Bynes didn’t like Biggs calling her out on a seriously nonsensical post that was trying to say “You’re turned on by what you are not.” (Bynes’ real tweet read: “You get turned on but what you are not by what you’re not.”) But Biggs was kindly informed he was too ugly to talk to her. Too bad he’s married, although Bynes’ comment on how he needs luck to get laid by “anything with a vagina” would indicate that maybe she thinks he’s a gay heartthrob. Poor deluded Bynes — that’s not insulting! [Image: Getty Images]

Dr. Drew

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When Dr. Drew said that it’s perhaps time to leave Bynes alone to do her own thing, she pulled a classic Amanda and immediately attacked him, saying to leave her alone and that he was ugly. Amanda, sweetie, there are enough people out there saying you do drugs and that you need help. If someone is even remotely on your side… take it. You need all the B-list support you can get babe, even from Dr. Drew. [Image: Getty Images]

Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop

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For once, Bynes looked like the sane one here. Tweenybopper Matt Prokop launched into a Twitter attack on the actress, leading her to (surprise surprise) respond defensively. She might have hit a little below the belt calling his girlfriend Sarah Hyland ugly, but do you expect anything different from Bynes? Due to the age difference and insanity level present in this feud, it quickly took on a “na-na-na-poo-poo”-esque quality. Amanda is rubber, Matt is glue, whatever she says bounces off of him and sticks to… his girlfriend? [Image: Getty Images]