'SYTYCD' Stars Ricky & Jessica's Jazz Routine Proved Why They Were Made To Dance Together

It's about time. On SYTYCD's Top 4 competition night, Ricky and Jessica finally danced together again after performing together in the Top 20 performance and then getting split for the rest of the season. Jessica and Ricky were paired with Shawn Cheeseman for a strong and sultry jazz number that proved the couple was able to be extremely versatile and could have easily had the potential to be Season 11's power couple had they been paired together in every episode.

Ricky and Jessica work so well together because their technical abilities are so similar. Both dancers have always been strong dancers with Ricky conquering every single routine that has been thrown at him. But that's not taking anything away from Jessica. Despite her many difficulties with showing true passion and emotion, on Wednesday night Jessica has finally showed that she could perform as well as – and at times even better than – the other Top 4 dancers, including Ricky. Ricky and Jessica's jazz number kicked off an hell of an competition night for the two dancers and it definitely will make picking America's Favorite Dancer a much more difficult decision for every fan, no matter who your favorite has been throughout the season.


Ricky and Jessica's brilliant pairing just adds to the face that SYTYCD has a way of putting dancers together that bring the best out of each other. While the list proving this phenomenon is longer than the time SYTYCD has been on the air, these are some of the very best of the best.

Season 2's Allison And Ivan

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These two great dancers were paired together throughout the Season 2 competition and had many decent routines. But Allison and choreographer Tyce Diorio finally brought something beautiful and, more importantly, mature out Hip Hop dancer Ivan with this moving contemporary number set to Annie Lennox's "Why."

Season 2's Travis And Heidi

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Ballroom dancer Heidi never believed she would be able to perform this difficult contemporary number by Mia Michaels with Travis. But somehow Travis was able to be the best partner and support system for Heidi. And in turn they danced one of the best numbers in SYTYCD history.

Season 7's Kent And Lauren

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I'm almost positive that Kent had at least a small crush on Season 7 champion Lauren and it showed every time the dancers performed together. But that romance was in full force when the two dancers performed this sweet and realistic Travis Wall contemporary routine about two teenagers in love on the night of their senior prom. Lauren was always pretty great throughout Season 7 and Kent was also a solid dancer. But both performers really grew and matured so much in just this one routine.

Images: Adam Rose/Fox