Joan Rivers' Best, Craziest Fashion Moments, To Celebrate A Life Of Perfectly Outrageous Style

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Joan Rivers' style was as over-the-top and bonkers as her humor. This legendary comedienne wrote the book on dressing for comedy, no doubt with a hand encrusted in gaudy costume jewelry. From flamboyant furs, to boulder-sized stones adorning her neck, to sparkles aplenty, Joan Rivers' craziest fashion moments formed an integral part of her grizzled fancy lady persona. Nothing wrong with some light camp.

If I were to describe her style in two words, it would be "cartoonish opulence," perfect for a woman who has become famous for taking the Hollywood red carpet down a peg. So, without further ado, here are Joan Rivers' most gloriously insane fashion moments, to celebrate the star's amazingly stylish life. Alternatively titled: Rhapsody In Sequins And Heavy Jewelry.

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