Dolly Parton Takes Ice Bucket Challenge & She's Delightfully Self-Deprecating — VIDEO

Hasn't every celebrity taken the Ice Bucket Challenge by now? Nope, surprisingly, every celebrity has not. This is great news for anyone who has watched the recent onslaught of celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge videos and thought, "Dolly. Dolly Parton. I want Dolly Parton to take the Ice Bucket Challenge!" Fortunately for you, Dolly in all of her excessive, plastic, delightful glory has taken on the viral challenge.

Parton is aware that some people might not think she'd say "yes" to the challenge, but she proves those disbelievers wrong when sits in front of the camera with an enormous grin on her face. She's not going to say "no" just because some of her parts aren't exactly real. In fact, she outwardly admits that she's partially fake, and her self-deprecation is both funny and endearing.

For instance, right before Parton's two nieces douse her with ice water, she declines to remove her shoes. "My shoes are plastic," she says, "but then again, so is the rest of me, but that's besides the point." So now we know that "I have plastic body parts" is not a viable excuse for avoiding the Ice Bucket Challenge — and neither is a Dolly-esque hairdo, for that matter. "You're dyin' to see this hairdo go down the drain," she says.

You can check out the video below. Dolly Parton may be the queen of excess, but she's the queen of delightful excess, and she's certainly not above taking the Ice Bucket Challenge. After all, as she says in the video, "It's for ALS, really."

Dolly Parton on YouTube