Alexa Chung Inks Beauty Deal; Prepare Your Vanity

The queen of the cat-eye is giving us the keys to eyeliner perfection with — what else — her own beauty line, due out in November.

If there are a few things we can count on Alexa Chung to do, they're pull off tousled, enviable bangs like nobody else, and consistently show up with perfectly done winged eyeliner. Naturally, it makes perfect sense that Chung would step up to create the beauty tools a gal needs to pull off the latter look. Now, to the details!

Chung is working with Eyeko, an indie beauty brand, to develop the makeup line, which will, of course, include eyeliner and mascara. We're still waiting on the remaining details of the collection, but those two products are enough to get excited for.

Like its collaborator Chung, cosmetics company Eyeko hails from the U.K. According to their website, Chung has collaborated with brand founders Max and Nina throughout the creation process, and according to WWD, called them at all hours with new ideas. (That's our quirky girl.) She'll also front for the brand, modeling the '60s makeup she favors. Eyeko's mascaras come in waterproof formulas, and also contain a vitamin B complex to promote growth of lashes. We love how the formulas are multitaskers just like Chung — she is a model/host/DJ/author, after all. A quadruple slashie.

'Til November.