Guess Why She's Dressing As Elle Woods Again

Reese Witherspoon's infamous Legally Blonde character, Elle Woods, made young girls everywhere (including myself) believe that they could achieve any goal and dream they set their mind to. I'll admit that after seeing the movie I had a brief moment of thinking that I would go to Harvard Law and become a lawyer just like Elle. Trust me the moment was very brief and I was only 12, but I was inspired nonetheless. On Wednesday, Witherspoon dressed as Elle Woods once again, but no it was not for a Legally Blonde 3 movie.

Witherspoon posted a photo on Instagram wearing Elle's signature pink colored dress and a pearl necklace and earrings with a sign that read, "Get better soon! #TeamWill heart Reese." According to The Gloss, the photo was her way of sending love and support to a 4-year-old fan battling cancer. The heartfelt message attached with the image on her Instagram account is truly precious.

The caption read, "#TeamWill This is for one of the strongest little four-year-olds I can imagine. Will — I hear that you're fighting so hard and strong against cancer and that in the hospital you've been watching a lot of Legally Blonde and loving it. I hope it makes you laugh! I wanted you to know that I made this sign in your honor — and I'm sending a big big hug and my hope and prayers. Just know — I'm a really big fan of YOURS! PS anyone else — feel free to make your own sign for Will and post it with the hashtag #TeamWill so he can see it....I’m sure he’d love that!"

Picturing Will watching one of my all time favorite movies and absolutely loving it is just adorable. I'm sure Witherspoon's photo made his entire day, and she still pulls of the Elle look wonderfully! My thoughts go out to Will and his family during this difficult time. #TeamWill.

Image: Reese Witherspoon/Instagram