When to Expect Hilary Duff's New Album

After what has felt like the longest wait ever (hey, it's been seven years, I am not exaggerating here), Hilary Duff fans have finally been gifted with some real developments in Duff's work on her new album. First, a new song called "All About You" that debuted a more mature, modern sound for the actress/singer, and now, this: Hilary Duff's album has a release date, everyone. And it's soon. Commence the freakout...now.

Sure, the album is still untitled — but I assume with a release date comes the eventual naming of the album beforehand. So, let's focus on what we do know: Duff's yet-to-be-titled album will be released on October 14. In other words, in exactly one and a half months, we will all have our hands on brand new Hilary Duff music to blast from our iPhones while we dance Hannah Horvath-style. This is huge news!

Of course, as with most good news, it came in a small dose: That is unfortunately most of what we know, at this point. But after a seven-year waiting period, I assume fans are like wanderers in a desert or something: Even a drop of water or table scraps of food will suffice for the time being. Won't be much longer, anyway!

Image: torie-rph/Tumblr