Kristen Stewart's Explanation About Her Lengthy Acting Break Will Make You Respect Her More

Kristen Stewart's back in the news after that lengthy post- Twilight acting break she took, and she's brought a plethora of new projects with her: Camp X-Ray, Clouds of Sils Maria, Still Alice, Anesthesia, American Ultra, Equals, and The Big Shoe are all listed as recent, post-production, or in-production films on her IMDb page. After the monster that was the Twilight franchise, it makes sense Stewart would need some time away from the spotlight to recuperate and figure out where she wants to take her career next — being constantly in the limelight, especially the way Stewart was, would make anyone burn out quick. In a new interview with Vanity Fair France, Kristen Stewart explained that two-year hiatus from acting:

This is understandable, and in some ways, actually makes me respect her more. Clearly, Stewart was focused on her career instead of the fame and fortune that comes with it, so instead of jumping to another big project that would ensure people would not forget about her after Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, she did what was best for herself. Stewart continued:

As glad as I am to have her back in the acting game, this is an immensely mature, awesome decision, and it's nice to see an actress with this sort of laid back outlook as opposed to the PR-controlled bots you sometimes see in Hollywood. Never change, KStew. Please.

Read the rest of Stewart's (immensely interesting) Vanity Fair France interview here.

Image: kristenstewarts-fan/Tumblr