Emma Watson Hasn't Done the Ice Bucket Challenge, What's Up with That?

When you're challenged to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you pretty much have to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to avoid seeming heartless. If you're a celebrity, your Ice Bucket Challenge is probably being Googled right now. What makes the task for a celebrity especially daunting is that you have to look good while doing it, be interesting while doing it, and challenge the "right" three people while doing it. That said, you better freaking do it. Emma Watson has not freaking done it. Emma Waston was challenged to the Ice Bucket Challenge by Noah co-star Douglas Booth on Aug. 20 and has yet to post a tape. Before we label her as "heartless," let's take a beat and think about what sort of excuses she might have for her lack of bucketry.

PTSD After Filming Noah

Because Noah centers around an apocalyptic flood, it's possible Watson doesn't want to be anywhere near water right now. The water on set was probably pretty cold, and the idea of water that's even colder being poured over her head could send her into a full-blown state of terror. I mean, Johnny Depp probably wasn't clamoring for a Snickers after filming Chocolat.

Nomination Struggles

Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint would obviously be her first two nominees, but who would be the third? This decision could serve to upset other actors she's worked with and eventually get her kicked out of Hollywood!

Unaware She's Been Nominated

Watson's social media presence is generally used to promote social justice movements she supports, so it's possible word has not gotten to her that she's been nominated. Speaking of her charitable ways...

Conflict Of Interest

According to her Twitter bio, Watson is a "Goodwill Ambassador." Maybe Goodwill doesn't want her all up in other causes. Who knows!

She's Already Donated

The unofficial rules state that you can forego the actual pouring of ice water business if you donate directly to the cause. Perhaps she already wrote a fat check but is just too humble to brag about it.

It's In The Works

Between Harry Potter and Noah, Watson has probably gotten used to epic productions. Perhaps she's exceeded the 24 hour fulfillment deadline because a big budget, large scale film event for her Ice Bucket Challenge is currently in production. Here's hoping that's the case.

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