Britney Spears Is Single Again

Messy break-ups seem to be going around Hollywood right now. Up until this point, it seemed like Britney Spears was having a pretty good month. After all, Spears flew a dying fan out to see her and even participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge just like every other awesome celebrity ever. However, it appears we should have taken Spears' lip synching snafu as a better indication of where her month was headed because more bad news came her way. Spears and David Lucado have broken up, according to her rep and to Spears herself, and the reasons behind the break-up are pretty awkward.

According to TMZ, Spears dumped Lucado over a video, but not the kind of video you're probably thinking. There's a video circulating around Hollywood of Lucado cheating on Spears, allegedly making out and dancing with a woman in a living room somewhere. TMZ reports the video was shot in early August and that when Spears found out about it she promptly dumped Lucado. Spears and Lucado have been dating since March 2013 and, though they've had a fight or two in the past, none of them have been as serious as this one. However, Spears appears to still be in high spirits if her Twitter is any indication.

A representative for Lucado said that he is "very, very in love with Britney", but Spears has made no mention of him directly other than to inform everyone that she is single. In fact, Spears posted a video to Instagram later on Thursday in which she claimed she was having a "shitty" day — at least until she found someone wearing shoes with hearts on them.

As for the cheating video, well, it hasn't surfaced on the Internet yet, but knowing Hollywood and the media then it's only a matter of time before it does. Whether or not Lucado and Spears can bounce back from this and reconcile seems to be on the unlikely side for now, but it's good to know that Spears is taking the break up in stride.