'Rewrite' Trailer With Hugh Grant & Marisa Tomei Is Promising, For a Rom-Com — VIDEO

What is a rom-com without a snarky Brit? Absolutely nothing, and I know that now because the trailer for The Rewrite , a rom-com starring Hugh Grant, proves that he should be in every romantic comedy, ever. The film, co-starring Marisa Tomei, Allison Janney, and J.K. Simmons is about a screenwriter (Grant) who went from award-winning to bankrupt, so he takes on a gig teaching writing at a local college. While there, he decides he'll write a movie about teaching (kill two birds with one stone!). However, there's a twist.

Some to-be-determined catalyst forces him to have a change of heart, and the young female co-eds he was after suddenly seem less appealing than his middle-aged student, the always wonderful Tomei.

The film is brought to you by Marc Lawrence, the same man who brought you Music and Lyrics, which put Grant in a similar role: jaded former star, forced to assimilate into another role, moved by a female character. Is this woman a bit of a rom-com trope? Maybe, but Grant is good at it, and no one plays a jaded guy who falls in love quite like he does.

That accent. That smile. That British charm.

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Image: Lionsgate