With George W. Bush's Approval Ratings on the Rise, 5 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Be So Quick to Forgive

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A new Gallup poll finds that George W. Bush’s favorability ratings are at their highest point since 2005, with 49 percent of Americans approving of the ex-president, and only 46 percent viewing him negatively. Bush left office with ratings in the low 30s. What has he done in the past four and a half years to improve his image so drastically? Very little, it seems: He’s taken up the quiet life, living on his family’s ranch in Texas and learning to paint. Perhaps we’re suffering from a collective case of recession-induced amnesia? Before getting nostalgic about the days of Dubya, let’s remind ourselves of a few of his decisions that no amount of cute paintings of puppies can cancel out. [Image: Getty Images]

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