Toilet-Dating Exists, And It's Not That Crappy

"To your left you can see a stainless steel urinal, and to your right, a hot single guy."

Ah, there's nothing like public bathrooms to get you in the mood. Yup, that's right: a new dating event just sprung up in London that combines a tour of the city's public WCs with a singles' mixer. Is this really a fun way to date or have we just run out of ideas?

Dating site teamed up with London Loo Tours to launch their new Toilet Dating event. Sort of like a pub crawl, but more smelly. The tour guides singles through London's Westminster area, apparently sprinkled with historical public bathrooms. Attendees also get a history lesson on the public toilet.

'Nothing would be more awkward than having a first date in a toilet… until now," a spokesman for explained to the Daily Mail. "At worst, the daters will have to indulge in some crap chat — but the experience won't be one they'll forget in a hurry."

This might sound too crazy to work, but is actually on to something. The concept of their website is like the American site HowAboutWe: Users suggest an activity — for example, "Who's up for a rollercoaster date?" or "Gin making workshop. Hic!" — and find other singles based on their creative date idea.

Sure, bathrooms can be funky and gross, but you'd probably spend a good chunk of time laughing about how weird the activity is — safe small chat as long as you avoid dwelling on any talk of actual crap. And hey, if all the other singles are crappier than a public toilet, then at least you'll have learnt a little bit of London loo history. Which might make your bad date easier to flush down the drain.

Top Image: Alex G. on Flickr