'Pitch Perfect 2' Adds Real Collegiate A Cappella Group Who Happens to be World-Renowned

I didn't think it was remotely possible, guys, but with this news, Pitch Perfect 2 sounds even better than before. Literally. And it already sounded pretty great to begin with, so that's really saying something. According to The Daily Pennsylvanian, University of Pennsylvania's student newspaper, their internationally-renowned collegiate a cappella group Penn Masala will cameo in Pitch Perfect 2 . While their part in the movie isn't quite known, they were reportedly hand-picked by director Elizabeth Banks — who is a University of Pennsylvania graduate herself — and they've performed around the world, so this is a great addition.

"We all flew into Baton Rouge for a week this summer, where we filmed by night and mostly slept and hung out by day," Dilip Rajan, Penn Masala President and Wharton senior student, told The Daily Pennsylvanian. He didn't divulge their cameos in the movie either, but reportedly mentioned that they didn't have any scripted lines but improved material was filmed, and they'll be performing a "combination of English and Hindi music...in a different way than our usual style."

If you're not up on who exactly Penn Masala is, here's your perfect opportunity to get acquainted: they're the first Hindi a cappella group ever, and their members been featured on the soundtracks for tons of Bollywood films including American Desi (which starred Kumar himself, Kal Penn). The group also performed at awards shows celebrating the Bollywood Film Industry, and they've even sold out tours across India. Check out some of their performances below:

Penn Masala on YouTube
1pmfan on YouTube

Pitch Perfect 2 will hit theaters on May 15, 2015.

Image: Universal Pictures