Nicki Minaj Album 'Pinkprint's Release Date Clues Were Here All Along

Mark your calendars, Barbz, for Onika's highly anticipated third studio album has a release date! According to Billboard, Nicki Minaj's album The Pinkprint will drop Nov. 28. Yes, that is the day after Thanksgiving. The day we call Black Friday.

Hold up. The clues about the release date were right in front of our faces all along. WE SHOULD'VE KNOWN. ...Okay, okay. They're only sort of clues. (Fine, fine. I guess I just grasped at straws and called them clues.)

The first "clue": In Minaj's interview with Carson Daly on 97.1 AMP Radio on Aug. 4, she said that the album "is definitely going to be out in the fourth quarter" of this year. Would it be October, November, or December?

Hm. Well, she's released not one, but two albums in November: Pink Friday dropped in Nov. 2010 and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The Re-Up was released in Nov. 2012. She and November seem to be like *this*.

The second "clue": Pink Friday. What if she—and this is where I really start grabbing at everything that even somewhat resembles a straw—decided that though the new album title doesn't include the word "Friday," she wanted to keep the Pink Friday motif alive. So, she opted to release the album on a Friday. A Friday in November (shout-out to that first "clue").

But it would not be any Friday in November. It would be Black Friday. She'd turn Black Friday into Pink Friday with The Pinkprint. Pink Friday lives on!

Yeah, I know. I should totally be a detective.

Image: vh1/tumblr