Dear RuPaul, Stay Classy and Rise Above Amanda’s Taunts

My Dearest Ru,

It’s obvious that Amanda Bynes was kinda out of line using the “f” word when referring to the writers at People . (Admittedly, I’d imagine there is a high incidence of homosexuality in the People offices, but only because celebrity gossip isn’t wonderful straight bait.) So we're glad, Ru, that you called out her slur as "derogatory," to which she responded the following:

She might think you’re ugly, but lil miss Bynes was just acting like a bitchy queen, so props to you for dealing with it like the glamazon mother of drag we all know you to be. Amanda is working through some stuff, and if lashing out at fishy bitches is going to make her feel better, we might as well let her do it. Besides, if she thought for one second she could beat the best in a Twitterverse Snatch Game, then she might be more “troubled” than the media is already making her out to be.

I mean, honestly, only a decade ago Amanda was known for “Hillbilly Moments” and her not-at-all-satirical character Judge Trudy. You were out there putting the bass in your walk while she was busy hitting Drake Bell over the head with a fish, enough said. Take heart RuPaul, Penelope Taynt had it right when she said, “Amanda Please!”

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