Kate Mara & Max Minghella Split & They Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together

As for the latest on-again, off-again celebrity couple news (be relieved — for once, it’s not about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez or Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin...just sayin'): According to a source at Us Weekly, future Fantastic Four star Kate Mara has broken up with longtime boyfriend, Max Minghella — and this time they’re not getting back together.

The former House of Cards star, Mara, and The Internship star, Minghella, first met on the set of The Social Network back in 2010 through the actress’ younger sister Rooney Mara, and they soon began a four-year romance. Apparently, though the two had been photographed together earlier in the summer, one source close to the couple seems pretty sure that the pair won’t be an item from here on out — though their on-again, off-again status might lead you to believe otherwise.

“Max and Kate have broken up and gotten back together a few times over the course of their relationship, but this one looks like it’s sticking,” a source told Us Weekly. “The relationship just ran its course.”

Affirming this news, Mara recently attended the 2014 Emmys with a new date, close friend and stylist, Johnny Wujek, by her side. The two friends are also attending the Venice Film Festival together, according to E! News.

Though I’m sure Mara is still coping with her break-up as anyone would do after ending a long, serious relationship, it looks like the celebrity has put on a brave face, posting happy pictures with her friends via social media.

And like so many of us already know, unstable relationships like Mara’s are the worst. On-again, off-again relationships are unhealthy and hard on anyone, so it’s definitely for the best that the actress tries out single life again. Plus, with a brain, a face, and acting talent like hers, Mara shouldn’t have any trouble finding a new man.

But I’ll try not to get ahead of myself too much. You do you, girl!