Ariana Grande Reacting To Tamron Hall's Backside on 'The Today Show' Proves She's Just Like Us — VIDEO

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's a tried and true fact of the summer of 2014: There's no way to endear yourself to the public quite like bringing up its favorite body part. Booties are all the rage this year — and always, let's be honest with ourselves — and the booties just keep on coming. The most recent booty — or, rather, reaction to a booty — comes courtesy of Ariana Grande's adorable reaction to Tamron Hall's butt on The Today Show.

Hall's butt made its now-famous appearance in a clip from Running Wild With Bear Grylls as she was propelling down a cliffside. Cut back to Grande, whose first reaction was a succinct "dat booty tho." I mean.

Grande's an interesting figure in her genre of music, playing quite often on a persona of petite, sweet naiveté. Hearing her unable to contain her excitement about butts, then, is a weird little treat. It's especially delightful when Hall's first reaction is to just get up and run away from the situation with her hands in the air — it's not exactly something you expect to come out of Grande's mouth.

You can witness the moment in all its bootylicious glory below. It shall be immortalized as a moment in which I could actually picture interacting with Ariana Grande:

The specific "dat booty tho:"