A Second Proposal From Lance Bass

It would appear as if former *N SYNC-er Lance Bass is now double-engaged. Bass proposed to Michael Turchin Sunday, despite the fact that the two have been engaged for a year. I guess they needed the reminder? The sweet little renewal took place Sunday, and was announced as a thing when Turchin posted an instagram of the fancy new black and gold engagement ring Bass used to mark the occasion, which you can see below. It was accompanied with this caption.

Who gets proposed to a second time on the first anniversary of the first proposal?? This guy!!!

It's important to not that the caption was followed with three heart-eyed emojis, because awwwwwww.

Bass have been together for about two and a half year, and engaged since last September. Bass originally proposed in Jackson Square in New Orleans. He said then that they'd probably wait until 2014 to actually get married, and now that 2014's winding down it seems they've reminded themselves to get on that. No word has yet been spoken on whether or not there will be an *N SYNC reunion of any sort at the actual nuptials, but I and the rest of the Internet can only hope.

Image: Michael Turchin/Instagram