Kylie Jenner's Sweet 16 Birthday Party Inspired Us to Make This Absurd Photo Album Honoring the Event

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On Saturday, the second youngest member in the Kardashian empire had her birthday party, and loyal subjects from near and far piled into the AT&T Center in Los Angeles to fete Kylie Jenner's Super Sweet 16. Kim Kardashian stayed home to tend to the family's newest addition, but plenty, and we mean plenty of other stars were on hand to raise their non-alcoholic glasses to Kylie, and by all accounts, the Alice in Wonderland theme party was insane. Let's put it this way: remember Diddy's son Justin Comb's Super Sweet 16 on MTV? Yeah, well Kylie's was like a million times more over the top than that. And since Kris Jenner didn't invite our poor asses, we can only picture what it was like. Literally. Here's a bunch of photos of things that Kylie's guests would've observed at her absurd party.

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