Like CC Creams? How 'Bout One for Your Lips...

New technology is exciting (hello, when is the new iPhone 6 coming out? iPhone 5S, whatever...) and new lip colors are exciting (shall I portray a foxy siren today, or veer more toward demure...?) but nothing is as exciting as when the two combine. I'm not talking lipstick with the power to text, though it can sure send a message. I'm talking technologically advanced beauty.

What does that mean? In Giorgio Armani's cosmetic case, (see what I did there?) it means powerful lipstick that also brings a multitude of skincare benefits, particularly the three big Cs: Color, comfort, and care. The industry's penchant for going alphabet crazy with skincare names has now managed to find its way into the makeup sector, and Armani is touting it as the very first "Triple C" lipstick. They're calling it Rouge Ecstasy. Mmhmm.

Let's break it down:

Color: The color will harbor variegated properties thanks to the advent of Kaleidoscopic Pearls, which won't add shimmer, but rather will diffuse and refract light, giving the color its multidimensional appearance on the lip. Great.

Comfort: Rouge Ecstasy is created to feel oh-so-good on the lip. The regenerative serum 3R feels —and does — good. See below.

Care: By lowering the oil and wax content of the lipstick and upping the concentration of "moisturizing pastes", we're talking ultra-hydration (according to WWD). It'll also contain an Armani-specific regenerative serum called 3R, utilizing linseed oil, Vitamin C, and Pro-Xylane to capture external moisture and pack it into the lip, which will help lips regenerate on a cellular level.

Technology and cosmetics working together. What a beautiful idea.