Bruce Springsteen's New Children's Book 'Outlaw Pete' Should Inspire These 7 Boss Books for Kids

The Boss just made shopping for baby showers a whole lot more rock 'n roll. Bruce Springsteen has written a brand-new children's book called Outlaw Pete, and it's everything you'd imagine a Springsteen-penned kid's book would be. The book, which is due out Nov. 4, is based on Springsteen's 2009 song of the same title. Much like the original song, the book pulls from American folklore and looks to our nation's past to make a statement about our current state of affairs. Sure it's written for children, but it's by Springsteen; what would it be if not a reflection on America?

As much as Outlaw Pete is applicable for grown-ups, it still packs plenty of excitement for kids. The book tells the story of a bank-robbing baby in the Wild West who must face his dubious deeds. Joining Springsteen on the project is cartoonist Frank Caruso, who did the illustrations for the pint-sized project. Now if we could only get Springsteen to do a children's album, we'd be set for shower gifts for life!

Springsteen's reinterpretation of his music into children's literature is the perfect addition to any little bookshelf. So why stop at Outlaw Pete? Here's a list of more Springsteen songs that would make great tiny tall tales.

  1. Born to Run — The triumphant tale of a snail who saves the American Dream!
  2. Born in the U.S.A. — A collection of kids from all around the country who share their heritage and celebrate the great tapestry of American culture.
  3. Cadillac Ranch — A story of classic cars who befriend a lonely motorcycle and go on a cross-country road trip. They learn lessons in friendship and freedom.
  4. Jersey Girl — A yellow heirloom tomato has trouble fitting in with all those big red Jersey tomatoes. But then they learn that like America, a salad is more delicious with variety.
  5. The Rising — A California surf town has to be saved from dangerously rising tides. The only person up for it is a young girl who is the president of her elementary school's science club.
  6. Growin' Up — A little brother faces his big brother moving out to college. He moves into his room and faces that he too is growin' up.
  7. New York City Serenade — The mice of Central Park make a band with their pigeon friends and write a lullaby for all the many kinds of people they see every day in the park.

Image: Simon & Schuster, Inc.