Hailey Baldwin Models for French Connection, Plus 7 Things to Know About Upcoming "It" Girl

If this gorgeous gal's perfect smize, piercing eyes and full lips look vaguely familiar to you, it's because she's a descendant of one of Hollywood's most recognizable and handsome families — the Baldwins. She may only be 17 years old, but the beautiful blonde (who is the daughter of the youngest Baldwin brother Stephen) is making a name for herself outside of her celebrity bloodline. According to The Daily Mail UK, Hailey Baldwin is the new face of French Connection, modeling the line's upcoming Work to Weekend collection.

In the campaign, a smoldering Baldwin looks edgy, yet sophisticated dressed in printed sweaters, pink furry coats, sequined dresses and leather jackets. The capsule collection embraces fall's biggest trends, from metallic and jewel-colored tones to boxy knits and pleated skirts. French Connection released a video to go along with the photo shoot, which features a twirling Baldwin, bouncing around in the collection's beautiful pieces, flipping her piecey bob and smirking in a "I'm too cool for school" way.

After flipping through the campaign's photos and watching the video, I immediately transported back to my high school days and felt those feelings of envy and desire build up inside. You know, the ones you got when you saw that super cool, badass chick sitting in the back of the classroom, not paying attention, but looking really gorgeous while doing it. Yeah, that's totally Hailey Baldwin's schtick. And thanks to that killer look of hers, she is poised to be your new favorite It girl.

And since you're going to be seeing more of Hailey Baldwin in the upcoming year, I thought it was best to educate you with a few quick facts about the model. Here are seven things to know about Hayley Baldwin:

1. She's besties with the Jenner Sisters (because DUH)

2. She's not the only gorgeous blonde model in the family (see: Ireland Baldwin)

3. She's super close with her pops Stephen (and they post a lot of selfies)

4. She's got a soft spot for Nutella-stuffed pancakes and macarons (AKA she's just like us!)

5. She's a trained dancer

6. She's a dog person

7. She wakes up looking like this

Images: HaileyBaldwin/Instagram