Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder's Sex Life is Flourishing if This Expensive Trip to a Sex Shop is Any Indication

Oh, to be rich and famous and horny and able to casually shell out close to a grand at a sex shop. That's what these two did — TMZ reports that the yes-the-are-actually-an-item couple that's composed of Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder dropped $860 at a sex shop in Toronto. While it's easy to scoff at their choice to move in together after dating for not a very long period of time, it's easy to support their seemingly healthy sex life. That, or their shopping adventure proves these two are just some kickass bachelorette party guests.

Some might balk at that enormous price tag and say, "but how does one spend that much at a sex shop?!" Here's how: sex toys (at least, the good ones) ain't particularly cheap. For instance, a Lelo vibrator runs around $119. Get one for yourself and a couple for your girlfriends, and you can easily rack up a huge bill.

Another way to spend a huge amount of money is to — as suggested previously — decide to become the heroes of a bachelorette party. Or perhaps these two just had the cash to burn and wanted to explore some frisky desires? Ain't nothing wrong with having some healthy fun in bed. And let's face it — if they have room for a horse, they definitely have room for a whole closet full of sex toys.