Beyonce's "Single Ladies" Gets the Shakespeare Treatment Along with Other Modern Pop Songs in Hilarious Tumblr

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There's a new great tumblr in town, and it's blending the old with the new in a pretty delightful way. Ever wondered what Taylor Swift would sound like if Shakespearean language got a hold of her? Avril Lavigne? Miley Cyrus? Wonder no more: Pop Sonnet takes popular music of the relatively modern era and puts it into the format of — you guessed it! — a Shakespearean sonnet. The Backstreet Boys meet the Bard? Just sacrilegious enough to work.

We've compiled a few of our Pop Sonnet favorites here, but you should really check out their full tumblr for the glory of Rick Astley, Gloria Gaynor, Prince, and more blending with Old English.

Images: Pop Sonnet/Tumblr

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