'Breaking Bad' Fans Call 911 After Power Outage, Join List of Fans Too Passionate About Pop Culture

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I have a sickness. And it's called "I Can't Talk About Anything But Breaking Bad-itis." Still, I have enough wherewithal to realize this is a sickness I should not contact professionals about. (One of the side effects isn't delusion... yet.)

Others, however, suffer far more than I do, apparently. According to authorities in Fairfield, Conn., several residents in the area called 911 after a cable outage forced them to miss Sunday night's Breaking Bad. Unfortunately, the dilemma, according to police, was "neither an emergency or a police related concern." (Clearly, Connecticut police are not as desperate to avoid Twitter spoilers as some of us.)

But the residents weren't the only people in recent history to be overly passionate about their pop culture obsessions. Read on to learn about some people who take their favorite TV shows way, way, way too seriously. Image: AMC

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