Brangelina's Wedding Photos Are Pure Magic

Here I was, borderline upset that I'd have to wait a whopping three hours before I could pick up the latest issue of People magazine, when the Internet answered my prayers. If you haven't been obsessing over Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's secret wedding since Thursday, you're definitely obsessing over the first photos of the Brangelina nuptials in People and Hello!. Because, well, they're perfect and magical and every bit a living fairytale that you'd expect from Hollywood's most beautiful couple that own their own chateau in France. And now you don't even need to spend $3.99 to see them because — you're welcome — we've rounded up the Jolie-Pitt wedding photos from around the web for your viewing pleasure.

Basically, this is a spoiler you actually want, even if you're planning to run to the nearest newsstand and pick up a copy of the magazine anyway. The entire Jolie-Pitt clan is featured in the exclusive photos and there's even a guest appearance made by the wedding cake their son Pax baked for the occasion. And there isn't a dud in the bunch — which isn't surprising considering, again, we aren't dealing with mere mortals here, but a couple of the world's most attractive people and their equally beautiful offspring.

So, without further ado, here are the dreamy, Disney fairy tale-worthy photos from Brangelina's wedding:

The Wedding Cake Photo

The Dress Photo

The Kiss Photo

The Candid Family Photo

The Final Touches Photo

The Giggling Children During The "I do"s Photo

The Sweet Moment Photo

The Full Family Portrait Photo

See, I told you they were magical.