John Oliver & Cookie Monster are the Perfect Co-hosts on a Special Edition of 'Last Week Tonight'

The Cookie Monster's probably not the most qualified candidate to host a politically satirical late night comedy news-ish show like The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, or Last Week Tonight — but it turns out he's a great fake news host when exposed to the format for short bursts of time. Take this gift Mashable has given the world, in which John Oliver and Cookie Monster co-host a fake news show I might totally watch week to week.

So what does fake news co-anchored by a professional late night anchor and a puppet look like? Well, pretty much like a great blend of satirical news and Sesame Street. Kind of like if "Weekend Update" and Welcome To Night Vale teamed up for a trip to the local elementary school.

And in fact, Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon makes an appearance in the video as a musically inspired woman very excited to be on television. Other cameos include Al Roker, Nick Offerman, and the continued debate over whether it's pronounced "gif" or "jif."

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Image: Mashable