'Mockingjay' Star Sam Claflin's 'Riot Club' Role Puts Him Through Even More Than the 'Hunger Games'

He may be best known these days for being Finnick, but Mockingjay's Sam Claflin is also starring in movies like Riot Club. Though his days of killing tributes and running from poisonous gas may be over, his Riot Club character is no better off than Finnick was. In fact, a new clip from the film shows Claflin enduring much worse than he would have come across in the arena.

Due out on Sept. 19 in the UK, the plot of the movie revolves around Claflin who plays Alistair Ryle, a student at Oxford who wants to join one of the school's secret societies. The minute long teaser comes from a scene in the movie where Alistair is initiated into the group, and like with all fratty clubs, is forced to do something despicable and disgusting. In this case, he's blindfolded and forced to drink a glass of wine filled with spit, pee, maggots, and more. It's kind of hard to watch, to be honest.

I bet having to swallow that concoction would have his character longing for the days where Claflin played the charming tribute from District Four. I'd take bloodthirsty monkeys over maggot wine, any day.

Check out the clip below: