How Long Until Andrew is Gone?

by Nicole Fabian-Weber

Welp, if I were a betting woman, I wouldn't put my money on Andrew, AKA World's Worst Deckhand, returning for another season of Below Deck. In fact, I'm not so sure I'd put my money on Andrew making it through this season. Andrew's boss, Eddie, who's bosun aboard the Ohana, recently revealed in an interview with Bravo that Andrew was pretty much unteachable. Oh, and he also added that he wasn't surprised to learn that Andrew never worked on a boat before. In fact, he said he wouldn't be surprised to learn that Andrew never worked period before!

When asked the question, "Did you think you'd be able to teach Andrew enough to have him get through the charter season?," here's what Eddie responded with:

I don’t think so. Usually when you have someone working on your team, even if they are a beginner, they will still help and get the job done more quickly. Not Andrew, since I have to explain every single step of a job over and over, and it takes me away from getting work done quickly. However, Andrew is a big strong guy and he is another person in the scheduled rotation, so having him as a crew member has its benefits, but I would rather have someone else.

Kind of sounds like Andrew's a goner, doesn't it? I mean, for the most part, I figured this would be the case, but not gonna lie, there was a small part of me that was hoping Andrew would pull it together and become a success story. Not a single crew member has had anything positive to say about him since the show started airing, though — including his direct boss.

Oh, Andrew. How ever did you get aboard the Ohana? And I seriously hope you don't have aspirations to ever work aboard a yacht again — because Below Deck has outed you as seriously inept. Womp womp.

Image: Bravo